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Locus RAGS is a multi-dimensional company which provide various services in diversified fields like web and graphic designing, educational services, financial accounting solution software tool, software development, mobile application and web design, tours and travel, corporate transportation etc. The Locus RAGS was established in the year 2010, the transformation of Locus RAGS is done from the start-up by a small office in Delhi which eventually increased to 6 offices all over India. We also have two international offices in Australia and UK. Our team is of 320 members who are highly qualified, skilled, experienced, innovative and creative in nature. We ensure quality, reliability, etc. around the clock.

There are various types of services which we provide to our clients. We also have different products which provide various types of services to our clients. The products are TheDesighTrip, AppsBazar, BTHAWK and SpreadSmile. All of our products provide web related services. We are contributing in improving the working conditions of our clients in a better and effective manner.

Here are some of our products which provide services to the company:

The design trip is the company of Locus RAGS. The design trip is the perfect combination of innovation and technical skills. We work in the tandem to provide you the best and highly professional web and graphic design services to our esteemed clients. We are situated all over the world and we have a huge national and international client network around the world. Our team is master in producing the best and extraordinary results which can really amaze our clients because we believe in providing the results as per the amount of investment our client putting in. Each of our products differs from each other because of our talented and creative team which put so much effort to create different products. We have huge range of services which includes graphic designing, branding, web design and printing, marketing services, etc.

AppsBazar is one of the products of locus rags. Apps bazaar is the application builder for mobile which gives a customised application for mobile for various domains of the business like gym, catering, retailing, real estate, etc. through our service of mobile application, you will be able to carry on really smooth working in the business by collaborating with the integration of different type of functions. Our methodologies of work are flexible in nature and dedicated to provide you the best suited mobile application for your business. The applications will definitely affect your business in a positive manner. We offer you the best multi-device experience by ensuring that you always stay many steps ahead of your competitors and helps in achieving your goals.

BTHAWK is the product of locus rags. It is the best GST software available in India which is offering you a complete pack of solutions for billing for your business. We made accounting solutions easy. This is an application for multi-tasking and it will help you in doing your accounting solution related to GST. We create advanced software for recording the numbers as per the rules of accounts which is very hectic and difficult by doing it without any help of software. It also develops the habit of solving the accounting problem without any pen or paper which is really an appreciable habit according to the environment point of view.

Spread smile is a socially created network for those who want to contribute in the non-organisation voluntarily. It is a great comprehensive tool for those who want to open a NGO.